While serving as Director of Baseball Operations with The Strike Zone Academy, Phil Apostle helped more than sixty players reach the collegiate level of baseball and beyond in his 13 years there. Through a growing network of trusting college coaches, Phil began the process of creating quality video product, professional baseball instruction and qualified collegiate application endorsement for qualified players. This program was aimed at improving player services with an increased attention to detail. AcademyELITE was born.

In Coach Apostle's experience in professional baseball, both as a player and scout, he notes the one ingredient that all successful players have is the ability to be self motivated and passionate about their skills and how they might be perceived. The environment a player trains in will have a direct effect on these traits.

These days, it seems, every little-league dad with a big-league dream and warehouse space is teaching the game with mixed results and limited coaching and playing experience. At AcademyELITE, there are no coach's sons, political agendas or special interests of any kind. Just baseball. From choosing the right bat to supporting your college applications, AcademyELITE will make a commitment to you if you are willing to get after making yourself the best and most attractive player you can be.

Personal relationships and integrity are the cornerstones of every quality learning environment. Phil and his staff have trained over 500 varsity high school and 200 collegiate players, resulting in over $7 million in scholarships, and multiple professionals. Our track record is battle-tested and unrivaled.

If a player has goals of high school baseball and beyond, the decision of where and, more importantly, HOW to train is more in focus than ever. We invite you to experience the personality and "feel" for the game that our staff offers. We want you to get as much out of this great game as your skills and makeup will allow.

Personal relationships and, above all else, integrity.

Welcome to AcademyELITE Baseball.