Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose AE and the Homestead Ranchers?

A: The staff and resources. Simply put; WE ACTUALLY CARE. Everyone says “kids first”… we actually DO put the kids first.

Our percentage of varsity HS and collegiate players is higher — by a wide margin — than anyones. The AE Staff will be the greatest mentorship and skill development resource your player and family will ever have. We deliver more than promised to our families. We take pride in that.

Please visit our Alumni Page and browse over 200 players that have played with Academy Elite and its staff since 2000 that have enjoyed a collegiate or professional baseball life after high school!

Where does AE practice and how often?

A: It varies.  Our 13U & 14U Clubs practice in Gurnee & Skokie. Some of our coaches practice a lot — some once per week. For high school aged teams, once per week is typical.  HS summer programs and social life keep kids busy during the week.  They travel Thursday-Sunday most weekends. We practice at different fields as well as the AE facilities in Glenview and Gurnee.  The facility is great for hitting and pitching, while the fields give us an opportunity to work on team-building and defensive strategy. In winter months, the clubs have a weekly practice beginning in January. Meanwhile, each rostered player maintains full membership to the AE facilities for workouts as they wish. For players wishing to improve specific parts of their game, AE offers the finest instruction in the industry. Simply call, text or email for an appointment.

What about Hotels?

A: Many tournaments insist on “host hotels”. We will forward all of the booking recommendations and you are on your own as players/families. Typically, a parent or two volunteer to handle this end of things. It is always appreciated. The costs incurred at the hotels are responsibility of individuals and not the ball club. Our 14-16U clubs typically travel within 2 hours each weekend in any direction making hotels an exception rather than the rule. It is best to plan on one weekend that the team will travel more of a distance. We never take a team too far before varsity or showcase baseball. There are plenty of teams that will offer formidable challenges all over our fine state.

Who should we contact?

(847) 858-8149

(224) 944-8534

What about Summer School?

A: AE recommends that our players participate with their high schools whenever our schedule allows. We try not to practice during high school summer school and if we do, we understand players may have to miss. That said, Thursday-Sunday we expect our players in attendance and in condition to play. We ask that pitchers DO NOT throw for their high schools on Thursdays and limit outings to 40 pitches.

How do the kids get to the games?

A: They drive or must be driven.