What Do We Teach?


A system of hybrid hitting mechanics that can be as basic as foundation and posture to rotation and linear movement. Hitters can expect to learn an efficient set up, their natural timing mechanism, load, weight transfer and the different hitting styles employed by various players they know. We will help find the most suitable style for each hitter. The most important component of what we do is helping to build real confidence that comes from fault recognition, discipline and a sense of humor. We will give you a sound plan and outline the work necessary to reach your goals.


On the mound, again, there are different styles. We have power guys and spin guys. All of our pitching coaches share fundamental philosophies relating to pitch types, locating and competing. The mental component is so critical to a pitcher and our guys simply teach it the best. We help pitchers deal with pitching over defensive lapses with poise and create a "flush it" mentality that isn't just preached -- it's practiced daily.

General Skills & Philosophy

Base running and defensive play are taught indoors and outdoors but the style varies greatly for obvious reasons. We will help each player define their roles and create realistic goals. The best thing a player can do is be aware of his role or "type" and become the best at the skills associated with it.

AE's teams, the Homestead Ranchers, win major tournaments without recruiting or help from any high school programs. We teach and utilize our talent using our philosophies mentioned above. This approach is also why we have more players participating beyond high school than anyone else!

Booking and Payment

The training session fees are pretty straight forward, but due to the nature of what we do there can be variables. Your instructor or coach can assist you in determining what type of training is best suited for you.

Lessons are generally 30 minutes. We do not recommend hour-long training sessions unless multiple skills are engaged. Fatigue can adversely affect progress, of course, and we aim to keep our lessons informative, interactive, fun and productive.

Lesson Fees

Each Instructor has their own fee and schedule. In the "Lesson Form" pulldown on this site you can download registration forms for Zach Martin, Phil Apostle and Staff. Lessons are generally booked in multiples of 10, unless your instructor advises otherwise or prior arrangements are made.

**A valid credit card (visa/MC) must be on file before any lesson package can begin unless prior arrangements are made OR a personal check or cash are provided.**

Lesson Scheduling and Booking

We still do it the old-fashioned way and likely always will. This is a PERSONAL experience. Booking lessons on-line can be convenient, but learning a specialized and challenging skill is NOT about convenience. The right instructor and connection will be critical. On-line booking is done for the convenience of instructors and facility managers -- not the clients. Every seminar I have attended on the matter begins and ends with my ability to "book more lessons and make more money" -- AcademyELITE prefers to book the "right" lessons, with the right instructor for each student.

Each instructor is listed on this website with their email and phone number. Feel free to contact them directly. Great guys, all of them, and pretty darned punctual, too. Let them know what day(s) work best for you and they'll make it happen!

You can also call or text our general information line at 224.944.8534 for a phone consultation and Phil will recommend the right fit you! Texting gets a faster response than voicemail due to the volume of families we work with.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!!!

Phil Apostle