"The guys at AE are as passionate about hitting as I am. Hitting a baseball can be awfully tough. These are good guys--good teachers."

-Tony Gwynn, 16-time All-Star and 8-time NL Batting Champion

"Phil can flat out teach hitting. He knows how to relate the game and swing essentials to his kids and keeps guys loose. I've coached hitting in the big leagues for 9 seasons and I learn something every time we speak. I recommend his teaching."

-Clarence Jones, MLB Hitting Instructor 

"Phil isn't as good looking as he thinks he is, but he knows all about hitting the baseball. He understands how to keep it simple and use what the player has to work with. His guys get a lot better and have a good time. What more do you want to do?"

-Bill Madlock, 4-time Major League Batting Champion, Instructor 

Hey Phil!

I wanted to drop you a line, as well as a heart felt thank you, for 
all the help, guidance and support you gave me throughout my baseball
career. My senior season was all I could have hoped for in college. 
I wanted to share with you just a few of the highlights.

First and
foremost, this year was an excellent test in leadership and community
on our team -- we went to our coach at the end of last season and told
 him we as seniors and captains were going to change the culture on our
team, and return to winning ways. If baseball in college has been
 anything, it's been a test of friendships, a crash course in how to 
lead and a great experience with friends. We succeeded in our pledge
to our coach, and set a school wins record with 27, and made it to the
conference championship. We lost there to Johns Hopkins, the eventual 
runner-up in D-III. It wasn't for lack of opportunity, just lack of

We were tied 1-1 in the ninth, and my buddy hit a two run
 home run to go up 3-1, and then, in what would be my final college AB,
 I homered to left field. In the bottom of the ninth, however, they 
rallied to win. We had beaten them the weekend before at their place 
in the first end of a double header, and we lost the second game in
 the last innings after putting them on the ropes.

On more personal notes, I was named second team all conference, the 
first all conference honors I've ever earned. I ended up hitting .294 
for the year, .305 for the career, with 6 home runs this year. I was
co-MVP of the team, and I think I'm walking away from the playing days
 of my career knowing I've left it all out there, which is nice to know. 
I also think that I've lived up to what you once told me was the
greatest complement a baseball player could get, and that's that I was 
a good teammate.

I wanted to thank you for all your enthusiasm, hitting guidance, life
guidance and friendship over the years. As I transition into my
 coaching career, you will be in the forefront of my mind as the type 
of baseball guy I want to be. 

Thanks again for all your help, and let 
me know when I can come buy you a beer.

-Will Stafford, ETHS Captain & Haverford University MVP

"The measure of a great lesson is the amount of knowledge transferred. The measure of a great coach is his ability to take a complicated action such as hitting a golf ball or baseball, and break it down into the 200 components that comprise the action. Last Saturday, I watched Coach Apostle adjust Willy's hips, lead leg, lead knee, upper torso, hands, wrists, head, shoulders, elbow and bat. Some of the adjustments were in two or three planes. Phil did this repeatedly for an entire 30 minutes until one-by-one, the various parts fell into place. This was coaching at the highest level."

-Charles Moore, Youth Basketball and Baseball Coach

"We have known Phil Apostle for nearly ten years. Phil’s true strength is mentoring kids, youth to teenager. His extraordinary skill as a baseball coach and trainer is defined by a keen depth and breadth of knowledge of both the mental and physical game, on and off the field.  Phil knows baseball and he knows kids. He can break down a swing and affect small adjustments to find success and build confidence in each individual student. Phil appreciates what each player brings to the game and works with him to maximize opportunity and broaden skill sets. He inspires the best out of each and every player. His goal is to take each athlete beyond his potential to be certain that he achieve his personal best. Phil is tireless, intuitive and supportive -- loyal and honest. Phil’s passion for baseball and for what he does is infectious and energizes all who are around him."

-Nina Schroeder, Mother of NTHS catcher Johnny Schroeder